The Fall of the Komodo Dragaddafi


Perhaps David Icke was right about world leaders and the reptilians…

Firstly, who is this David Icke? Icke pioneers the theory that the worlds leaders and influential figures are actually all bodies possessed by giant lizard people who have their own ‘Reptilian Agenda’. This is a conspiracy with a growing number of followers.

Yes you did read that correctly. Giant. Lizard. People.

I love a good conspiracy theory – it’s healthy for us to challenge the world around us (and entertaining) but when people start plucking their theories directly from the script of Dr Who then I have to take a more sceptical view of them. (To be fair, Dr Who wrote the Lizard people episode after this was dreamt up, but I think it works both ways right?)

The header of Icke’s webpage claims that he is ‘exposing the dreamworld we believe to be real’ – no seriously take a look for yourself: This header in itself makes very little sense when you actually run the meanings of the words over in your mind, it’s like me setting up a conspiracy website headed with the statement ‘Jack Winter: Uncovering the Truths of an Imaginary World’ or perhaps:‘Jack Winter: Spouting increasingly fantastical anti-establishment nonsense and seeing how far cretins will buy it’… I could go on.

Like yourselves I didn’t buy this Lizard reptilordvoldermort people theory for a long time. Until the Libyan revolution drew my attention to Colonel Gaddafi that is. The man has been losing power faster than a Gameboy Colour using Asda own brand batteries. What is interesting is that as this has happened his Reptilia max 5000 cloaking device began to fail and reveal the lizard hiding within his skin. Take a look for yourself, the man may as well be wearing a ‘My Uncle was Godzilla, and all I got was this dumb Arab Despot’ T-shirt.

I suppose when you look around at some world leaders with the context of ‘would they look reasonably convincing as a lizard?’ it’s easy to start thinking that most of the world leaders are in fact scaly moguls controlling us through their human hosts…

But then again, unlike Mr Icke I think I need a little bit more evidence than ‘Look! That guy looks like a lizard! Must be a reptilian from the Alpha Draconis system!’ (That is apparently the system they’re from. Where else I ask? Where else…)

Perhaps the reason that the Rebels are struggling to find the fallen dictator, after losing all power he has devolved back into his Reptilian form and is now sulking under a rock somewhere in the Sahara.

I am a reptilian lizard man from the Alpha Draconis system.


I study history. I like sport.

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    David Icke says a lot of daft things, yes, but as far as believability goes there’s not much difference between his doctrine and that of the world’s major religions. I doubt that you’d ever see (on this site at least) the numerous instances of nonsense found in the Bible or the Qu’ran mocked with the same derision as found in this article.

    If you watch Jon Ronson’s ‘Secret World Leaders’ episode on David Icke, he comes across as a decent, moral bloke, albeit one that is possibly mentally ill. While his notoriety stems largely from the fact that he had a pre-existing career as a sports journalist, I think his defiant attitude against received truths is slightly admirable. From personal experience, I have met people for whom Icke helped spark an interest in world affairs and assist them in thinking more inquisitively. They don’t all believe in the lizard people.

    Jack Winter

    Fair shout Nick, I think it’s a much safer bet to ridicule a Giant Lizard conspiracy than to attack Islam or Christianity. David Icke is a nice bloke I’m sure and I do agree with your comment about it being admirable to rebel against the perceived truths!

    I do also think Gaddafi just might be a Lizard though…

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