Small Italian Village Declares Independence. Who’s next?


The remote Italian village of Filettino which is located south east of Rome have declared their independence from Italy and formed their own (albeit unrecognised) principality.

The village have even started printing their own banknotes for their new currency: ‘The Fiorito’ which bears the face of the town Mayor Luca Sellari although this does seem a slightly egotistical touch though if you ask me, he doesn’t even have a beard! We all know you need a beard to look good on money (sorry Elizabeth Fry). It’s also worth noting that this currency should it become legalised tender will be worth roughly 0.72 Euros… Good effort! Sellari has even invited a descendent of the Italian royal family, Emanuele Filiberto, to become the monarch of the newly defected principality.

Is that ‘Why?!’ I hear you cry in (definitely not bored) astonished unison?

Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition recently moved to abolish local councils of towns holding less than one thousand people in their population and bunga bunga them together with larger towns…* This was an attempt to trim the bloated Italian bureaucracy and cut government debt without opening the political Pandora’s Box of pension reform. Basically they still managed to piss a load of people off because in Italy they love their local traditions. It seems Silvio may have been a bit too frisky.

This may just be the best reaction to government austerity packages yet! Although there are more conventional protests planned, I think that this is pure genius.

When everyone else protests they march along as they always do, waving placards, chanting, yelling and inevitably getting hijacked by ‘anarchist’ nutters who want to rob a few tellies from Curry’s Digital.

Not in Filettino. There they said ‘Sod you’ (in Italian) and are now standing astride their local mountains, flicking the V to the gangrenous debt crisis that seems to claim another lovely holiday destination every other week. They made their own – and as of yet unrecognised – country. Think about how epic that decision is for a moment.

Even Euroskeptics predicting the eventual breakdown of the European Union back into it’s separate state structure could not predict the state of affairs should this trend catch on. Imagine a regression to renaissance Europe with countries flaking apart faster than my year nine food tech projects. Actually forget Europe, imagine it here in Britain.

Towns splitting apart and forming their own principalities to protect their lollypop ladies and (inevitably corrupt) councils. (Ok – I know I’m pushing the boundaries of imagination to suggest that we would care enough…) but still! Imagine the tribal situation that could develop with Fleet/Farnborough/Guildford/Basingstoke/London having to raise militias from the population in order to fend of attack from neighbouring Southampton/Farnham/Winchfield/Reading. I could go on to speculate on the possibilities of local economy and how this would all affect the global debt crisis, but I fear I may have lost anyone reading back at ‘robbing tellies from Curry’s digital’.

Plus all this town vs town militia stuff is sounding a little bit Age of Empires II.

Good luck to those ballsy Filettians – just take your face off the money Luca or grow a beard.

I am a staunch Filettino Nationalist.


*Apologies for this awful pun – I had to fit it in somewhere.


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