Weird News Story of the Week: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!


In desperate need of a break from studying? Has procrastination become your number one hobby? I’m sure that the answer is a resounding YES! In my weekly update, I will be offering the weird, wonderful and certainly wacky news from the world around us.

Now, I know that we live in an ever changing world in which people are becoming increasingly environmentally friendly; with energy saving light bulbs, recycling bins and bags for life, where can you go wrong?

However, construction firm Maeda Corp in Japan has taken the country’s aim to decrease energy consumption to the extreme. They have ordered all 2700 staff to have identical hairstyles- a bob for the women and a short back and sides for the men. A spokesman for the company claims that ‘if people have short hair they do not need to use their hair driers for so long and they will use less water’. Yes, of course this may seem like common sense…long flowing tresses do take considerably longer to dry than a “cute” bob with a “side sweeping fringe”. However, instructing an entire workforce to have exactly the same hairdo is more than a little bizarre- and aesthetically on a par with the creepy children in the film ‘Village of the Damned’.



The spokesman went on to say that the company ‘is very keen on protecting the environment and we encourage our staff to adopt many environment-friendly actions.’ A similar claim has been made by Marks and Spencer, but you don’t see matching Mohicans at the checkout do you?!

Who knows, the University may follow suit and demand that we students try something innovative to help the environment. Is it time to ditch halls/ houses in favour of a trusty cardboard box?


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