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My house mates spent all of last year pranking me, and this year I’m determined to get them back no matter what! Only trouble is I can’t seem to think of anything beyond the normal ‘tin foiling or cling filming’ somebodys room! Can you help me with ideas?

Well the first thing I have to say to that is they can’t have been very good housemates if they kept pranking you and pranking them back is, of course, the only course of action. So good pranks, hmmm, this is a tough one. There are so many routes to take. Well, to be clichéd, they say that revenge is a dish that is best served cold. Therefore you could keep it simple with a Zimbardo-esque hosing with freezing cold water in the middle of the night however, this may seem too crass or even too simple. Pranking is something where the more elaborate it is the more noteriety you will gain. For the perfect prank I would suggest going for something big. If it were me, I would collect all of the disgusting and sticky substances I could think of, such as treacle, whipped cream, honey and marmite, creep into their room in the dead of night and, very stealthily, cover them and their room in a generous coating of goo. I guarantee they will leave you alone after that. 
I’m in my last year of Uni, and I want to go out with a BANG! Got any suggestions?-

Congratulations first of all. The last year of uni is that light at the end of the tunnel that we’re all aiming for and it’s commendable that you’ve gotten there. Now, going out with a bang-that is an excellent idea. But what is there to do that can be called truly original? I know what I would do so that is what I’ll suggest. Look around for local talent, or even interntional talent. A band that have nothing better to do on the last day of your time as a uni student. Next, buy party decorations and, if you can get your hands on them, some fireworks. Sneak everything up on to the roof of the student’s union in the wee hours of the morning and then, when students begin to emerge, treat them to an open air concert finished off with your very own fireworks display. That really would be going out with a bang.


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