‘Society Sprint’ Teaser Vid Released


It recently came to the Wessex Scene’s attention that a small group of Soton students had decided to spend their final few days of last year pegging it around 16 clubs and societies with a handheld camera and some makeshift presenters.

We’re a massive fan of our sports and clubs and we’re also a massive fan of people who spend their free time trying to promote them, especially when they give themselves ludicrously ambitious time frames in which to do so.

But most of all we’re a massive fan of short teaser videos with cheesy soundtracks and the casual inclusion of a seriously impressive frisbee catch. So here’s this:



And for an example of how the show format works, here’s the Magic Society. We’re told there is no camera trickery going on here, but we remain very, very suspicious. If it’s not camera trickery, it would have to be witchcraft so this lot are in trouble either way.



Rumour has it, our friends at susu.tv will be putting all the videos up on their website. So watch their space.


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