A Quiz, a Curry and a beer too many


With the promise of a professionally cooked curry, the Quiz and Curry night at the SU was obviously a very appealing event, for both Freshers and returning students looking forward to not having to scrape together a meal themselves at home. And it was certainly worth the £4 for a plate full of rice, naan bread and a choice of 3 delicious looking curries.

The quiz part of the evening got underway at about 9pm after all the plates had been shifted to nearby tables, and announcement had been made about not cheating. This didn’t stop one group, however, who seemed to find the answer to one very difficult question a tad too easily, resulting in their disqualification. Though this started out as an evening of friendly rivalry, by this point the other teams in the room were all in full agreement that disqualification was the only way forward.
The quiz was being run by two third year students, one of whom explained that they had only been told they were in charge at 4pm that afternoon. Sadly, this lack of time to prepare showed a little bit, with numbers on answer sheets not matching up and questions being missed out. But most teams managed to put down answers in the right places and so as the quiz drew to a close, and the pint glasses stacked up, there was still a healthy buzz of fun and competition to be had, with Team Xtreme going home as winners.
The hosts went on to promise better organised quizzes in the future, where they’ll have proper quiz sheets and better prizes, so look out for more information on that in the next few weeks.


Written by Sarah Benson


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