Wonderland – Of Horrors


The mid- freshers weekend, boasts the biggest night of freshers 2011, and Saturday night saw it in the form of SUSU’s Wonderland party. 

A brief bus ride away, Southampton’s Student Union came to life. Students dressed up as anything and everything they wanted to fit the “Wonderland” theme. Outfits ranged from onesies, and guys with wings, to smurfs, and various animals. The DJ box was adorned in Moulin Rouge lights, with the first DJ dressed as Harold Zidler, and the bouncers keeping the stage clear, made promise of a performance.

As the cheap drinks flowed, the evening’s entertainment arrived in the form of the Circus of Horrors, who kept the audience amused with a few creepy and disgusting tricks. As seen on Britain’s Got Talent, the Circus of Horrors,  are known for daring stunts, that should not be tried at home, such as sword eating, fire eating, electrocuting and more, a tamer of which involved the glamorous assistant “Anastasia” walking up stairs made of swords. The intervention entertainment heated things up more with a fiery (literally) burlesque dance, and with the Circus of Horrors finishing their act, a new DJ known as “Chris from the Scott Mills Show” kept the party raving till the early hours.


Written by Dhamina Mistry


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