Night Time Tips


University. There’s girls, boys and no parents. Throw a load of raging hormones into the mix and sex is inevitable. However, there are a number of rules to keep in mind…

1. DON’T sleep with your flatmate.

No matter how attractive your flatmates are: DON’T go there. It won’t just be awkward The Morning After, there’s that afternoon, the evening, the morning after that…

2. DO wear a condom.

You’ve heard it a million times before and, without wanting to be patronising, this really is important. No one wants genital warts, AIDS or a baby. Just keep it wrapped, please.

3. DON’T mix sex and alcohol.

You’re on your third Jesticle and that slimy guy in the corner is starting to look attractive. Be sensible: if you wouldn’t sleep with them sober, DON’T sleep with them drunk.

4. DO be careful when sharing a single bed.

I’m not joking. It’s hard enough trying to squash one person in there, let alone two. Pace yourself so no one ends up on the floor.

5. DON’T confuse sex with commitment.

If you’re after one night of passion, and one night only, make that clear from the start. Lust can often be confused with love – and no one wants to be hurt.

6. DO stay safe.

If you do want a one night stand, make sure your friends know where you are. Never leave with a total stranger.

7. DON’T neglect your sleep.

Guess what, beds were initally created to be slept in. Literally slept in. Your studies will suffer if it is only used for other things.

8. DO have fun.

This is what sex is all about. We’re in our prime: young, healthy and horny –  so make the most of it now. After university, life will get in the way. DO have fun, DO enjoy yourself, but most importantly, DO stay safe!


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    Is this familiar to you?

    It’s amazing. You’re amazing. They’re amazing. Best sex ever. Shame you won’t remember it the next morning.”

    On the plus side you could have a job in the Daily Mail……

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