A Trip to the Zoo: Monkeying Around


In desperate need of a break from studying? Has procrastination become your number one hobby? I’m sure that the answer is a resounding YES! In my weekly update, I will be offering the weird, wonderful and certainly wacky news from the world around us.

Drunken wanderings: Beware of the Ape

As students, I am sure that we have all experienced/ witnessed bizarre drunken behaviour. Perhaps having had a few too many Jesticles, your oh-too-merry friend has decided to strip naked in the middle of freezing cold Portswood searching for a trusty traffic cone (and of course you have your phone out ready to film and then later circulate). Drunken wanderings are also standard on a night out, with one of the group guaranteed to disappear only to return hours later (in the case of girls, probably having had a heart to heart in the toilet).

Joao Leite Dos Santos, a mechanic from the exotic depths of Sao Paulo in Brazil outstrips any of the drunken behaviour you are likely to have undertaken. Obviously blessed with a more interesting landscape than the outside of Jesters, Dos Santos happened to be in a zoo and stumble into a pool with spider monkeys residing in it.

Now, before we continue, I want to ponder these questions:

Why was a Brazilian mechanic in a zoo whilst drunk?

Was that last car that he was working on so distressing that he felt the need to be surrounded by the idylls of nature and spider monkeys?

Well, obviously we cannot answer these questions. But I would hope that a standard trip to the zoo would not normally involve alcohol. WARNING: do not try at home. I would like to suggest that a wasted student in a zoo will NOT be tolerated by the hungry lions.

So, Dos Santos took his top off, climbed into the pool and advanced towards the group of spider monkeys that were sitting unawares on the other side of the water. The Brazilian clearly was not armed with the vital information that spider monkeys are territorial and incredibly social creatures – often gathering in large groups. In other words, Dos Santos should have researched the National Geographic before he decided to rudely interrupt their monkey-meeting.

The Video

Here we see the mechanic strolling topless through the water with the intention of reaching the animals on the grass. I am sure that when watching the above video, you could see that he kept on going back for more: one monkey bite was clearly not sufficient for the man.

The spider monkey was shocked to see a topless man striding towards him.

The spider monkeys continued to pull Dos Santos towards the group, inflicting severe wounds on his shoulders and wrist.

After finally realising that swimming with the monkeys was not such a smart move, the mechanic asked to be pulled out of the water and was then taken to hospital where he received treatment.

According to the man himself, he was drunk and wanted to “play” with the animals. He also claimed to have entered the pool as it was “too hot”.

Next time, use the shower. You will cool down and there will be no monkeys.


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