Heartbroken? Get over it.


They don’t want to be with you. It’s over…

The minute those words are said, nothing else matters. He’s gone. You couldn’t not hear him. It’s over.

Stop. The relationship may be over, but your life isn’t.

Allow yourself one day to be sad. One day to cry, to whine to your friends, to listen to soppy music and allow yourself to eat copious amount of chocolate. And then stop. Depression will get you no where. No one else will want to kiss you if you have snot running down your face, so clean yourself up and stick a smile on your face, even if it’s fake.

They don’t call makeup warpaint for nothing. Slap it on – if you look gorgeous, you will feel gorgeous. Then go out, show the world how beautiful you are. He doesn’t need to see. There are plenty of other people out there that will appreciate your beauty.

There’s no cure for heartache like a night in with the girls. Stock up on the facemasks, hot chocolate and cheesy movies. For the entire evening, allow yourself to forget all about the male species. As long as you’ve got your girls, you will be ok!

A word of warning, however. Avoid rebound relationships at all costs! That “get over one guy by getting under another” line is a total myth. Rebounds don’t make you feel better, they just end up hurting both people involved. Not good.

In time, your heart will heal. Heartbreak happens to the best of us, and no one is immune. Just remember this: You will get over it. One day, you will find the guy that will want to be with you, the guy that won’t leave you. Don’t be sad while you wait for him. Get out there and enjoy life, girl. There are plenty of guys out there that will want you – you just have to go out and find him. Good luck!


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    Why does this article seem to focus solely on women? Do only women get heartbroken in your universe?

    Also, your flip comment that ‘Depression will get you nowhere’ is quite offensive. Depression is a mental illness and nobody chooses to become depressed. It is severely debilitating and I’m sure people who suffer from it will not appreciate your offhand dismissal of it.


    I have suffered from depression in the past, that’s why I know it will get you nowhere…


    I think you are missing the point. If you’ve suffered from depression then you’ll know it isn’t a choice. Shaming people for their mental illness does nobody any good.


    And if you truly have suffered from medical depression, then you will know that it doesn’t have a rational cause, such as being dumped – it might colloquially be called depression, but it’s rational sadness.

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    Put on a facade, ignore your problems and suppress your emotions!

    Sound advice there.

    Who needs a mourning period for an important part of your life when you’ve got a sex and the city boxset eh? Dealing with your emotions in a healthy and measured fashion? Nah facemasks are the way to go.

    Depression can be solved by ignoring it and putting on a fake smile? Better let the NHS no this is all they need to tell 1 in 4 people who suffer from depressive illnesses in their life, it would save a fortune in antidepressants.

    And when all else fails? Embrace gender stereotypes!

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    Haha! Silly woman, your sadness at the end of a relationship is trivial and totally irrational! Make yourself look pretty again because that’s the only way you can feel valuable. And if your foundation doesn’t make you happy, The Notebook sure will. Remember, if you’re sad for more than ONE DAY you are being WHINY and STUPID and ANNOYING and no one will ever love you because you are COVERED IN SNOT.

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