Rare Sense: Wine Gums


Who needs common sense when you have RARE sense? This series aims to provide you with some unusual ice-breakers or just answer questions you never thought to ask.

Things you probably didn’t know about: Wine Gums

  1. The “wine gum” was developed in 1909 by Charles Gordon Maynard, son of Charles Riley Maynard, who founded the sweet company.
  2. The sweets show the words “Gin”, “Rum”, “Port”, “Sherry”, “Champagne”, “Burgundy” and “Claret”.
  3. They were very nearly not produced as Charles Maynard Senior was a teetotal Methodist, strictly against alcohol consumption and needed much persuasion that the sweets would be alcohol-free.
  4. The most popular colours are red and black, but whereas black ones are normally flavoured blackcurrant, red wine gums can vary from redcurrant to cherry to strawberry or raspberry.
  5. There are several different origin stories of the wine gum inspiration:
  6. One suggests that Maynard Jnr was in a sermon defaming alcohol and was inspired to  design a sweet to act as an alcohol-patch; to replace alcohol consumption with sweets.
  7. Another proposal is that Maynard thought his sweets should be appreciated and savoured like fine wine and therefore decided to name them after some fine beverages.
  8. One idea simply states the sweets were aimed at the adult market so were named after an adult favourite: wine.
  9. The Maynard’s wine gums are owned by Cadbury, but most supermarkets have their own version of the sweets.
  10. One wine gum sweet contains 0g of dietary fibre, fat or salt but uses concentrated vegetable extracts from black carrot, spinach, turmeric and even stinging nettles.

So there you go: ten utterly random and mostly pointless facts about the infamous wine gum. Who knew concentrated stinging nettle extract could taste so good? Now it’s up to you to take this knowledge and use it to become the coolest person at any social event.


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    Can’t believe I just wasted 10 seconds of my time skim reading this shite.


    I’m guessing you’re more of a fruit pastilles fan then?

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