Weird News: Man Fakes Own Death In Elaborate Marriage Proposal


A 30-year-old Russian man decided to test just how much his girlfriend cared for him by crafting a proposal based around his own ‘accidental death’.

Omsk-native Alexey Bykov hired a whole team to realise his vision, including a stunt team, a script writer, make-up artists, and a movie director to bring it all together. The idea was that his girlfriend, one Irena Kolokov, would arrive at a location where the two had arranged to meet, and instead discover the site of a fake car crash where Mr Bykov had ‘died’.

When Ms Kolokov turned up, a paramedic informed the distraught woman that her boyfriend had died and she “broke down in tears”.  Mr Bykov chose that moment to jump to his feet and ask her to marry him, still covered in fake viscera.

Understandably, Irena said she was “so cross I almost killed him again, but for real this time”.  Despite the trauma of the experience, she now sees the supposed ‘funny’ side and the pair were married last week.

Alexey explained his actions by stating that “I wanted her to realise how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me”.  It sounds like it’s safe to add narcissism to the list of things he should probably seek help for.

The happy couple in the ‘aftermath’.

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