Last Minute Halloween Solutions


It’s Halloween, you’ve been putting off getting a costume sorted for ages, but it’s already here! CRAP! You’re broke, you’re busy and you have to look good. DAMMIT! Chillout, Wessex Scene has you covered.

The Slooty Look

Wanna get your skank on? Here’s some provocative ideas that should get some pulses racing.

The Strategically and Conveniently Attacked Zombie Victim:  Grab a T-shirt you don’t mind destroying. Grab some scissors and attack that T-shirt. To make it a sexy affair, why not rip it to bear a little flesh around the abs or bra? Controversial, but hey, it’s Halloween.

Risky Business: If may be nearing winter and bitterly cold, but why not copy Tom Cruise? Grab those old records off the shelf and don the white shirt, y-fronts, white socks combo. Suitable for girls and guys, but watch out for frostbite.

Jaws Victim/Zombie Baywatch: Swimwear! Bikini, one-piece, speedos or shorts, dress as a swimmer and add some fake blood. There you have it: a dead person with practically no clothes on.

Clingfilm: All the feeling of wearing clothes, but everyone gets to see everything! Probably one for the absolutely desperate.

The Scary Look

Trying to scare a few people? Can’t be bothered to actually go and get a costume? Here’s some ideas without the scary idea of effort.

Hooded figure: Everyone has a hoodie! Grab one and make sure your face is hidden as you anomalously stalk your victim…to the bar…to buy them a drink after you have scared them, you bad person!

Child: The Ring, Sixth Sense, The Shining, Family Guy; they all have creepy, evil children. Sometimes the best way to be scary is to be as innocent as possible. Get a toy and some childish looking clothes and just giggle, creepily.

Messed up Make Up: Do your make up terribly! Make it look like you’ve been crying or tried to put in lipstick with a twitch. Spend the rest of the night acting like a crazily obsessive girlfriend and scare every one.

No Make-up: I’m sure you look great, but my housemate said that without her make-up, she looks like fear itself!


Just wanna dress up?

Self-Portrait: If you have some cardboard or in fact a large frame, you could become your own piece of art. Let people marvel at your brushstrokes and the amazing 3-D affect you have created.


A Tramp: Chuck on a bin liner and cover yourself in dirt, garbage or whatever else will make you look and smell homeless.

Grapes: A great concept, buying some green or purple balloons and sticking them onto you can look great. Beware of sharp objects and don’t expect the costume to last the whole night, but you might make a few people jump.

Watch: Draw a clock face on a white T-shirt and then just attach yourself you someone’s wrist. Simple yet effective…until one of you needs the loo.

Ghost: Either cover yourself in some flour for that vintage translucent dead look or go old school with the classic holes-in-the-bed-sheet. Both should make you look ridiculously scary, or at least ridiculous.

Toga: Take that bed sheet and wrap it around yourself. You could be Achilles, Hercules, Socrates, Caesar, Zeus, Mark Anthony, basically any dead Roman or Greek.

The Truly Desperate

Literally have no time? Scraping the barrel for anything?

Cut of your hair: It’s guaranteed to get a reaction. If you’re feeling extra brave/crazy, shave it all off and go as Britney Spears.

Lint Roller: Grab some tape and stick pretty much any and everything that you can find to yourself. Staplers, pens, carrots, photo frames or even trainers, anything to make you look sticky.

Mop: If you have long hair, then this look is perfect. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and TADAH! Not only are you an original concept, but you are perfect for cleaning up any late night chundering.

Designated Driver: The perfect excuse for not having a costume on. ‘Sorry, but I have to retain manoeuvrability in order to safely drive’. Although, this plan fails as soon as you start drinking.

Slow Motion: Just do everything really really really really really really slowly. An easy costume that takes no time at all.

Kristen Stewart: Nothing really needed for this one. Simply look and sound as if everything is a dramatic life changing decision that you have no interest in. DO NOT SMILE AT ALL!

Just say it broke: Just make up some bullshit excuse about your costume breaking, or being stained, or not fitting, or being lost or simply that you forgot.

There we have it, some ideas about what you could potentially be this year for Halloween at a minimal cost. If none of this tickle you fancy (dress) then maybe some inspiration will spark from these other lovely internet people. Happy Halloween Guys.

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