Weird News: Hard-Partying Musician Briefly Becomes Cultural Ambassador to the Middle East


Rocker Andrew W.K., best known for his single ‘Party Hard’, recently had the offer of becoming a cultural ambassador to the Middle East rescinded less than a week before his first visit was to take place.

The U.S. State Department first contacted the singer back in September 2011, and preparations had been taking place the whole year for him to visit Bahrain the week of December 2nd this year. The plan was to visit elementary schools, music venues and the University of Bahrain, all while ‘promoting partying and world peace’, in the words of the man himself.

However, the State Department decided not to send Andrew W.K. as an ambassador after all: spokesperson Noel Clay issued a statement saying that the decision ‘was probably not the best choice and did not meet our standards’.

W.K. was confused by the decision but hasn’t been put off:

‘When I was originally invited by our contact, it seemed everyone was aware of what I stand for with my positive attitude. They were aware of how I look and my high-energy rock music… I would’ve done a great job and represented our nation with dignity and pride. Despite all these challenges, I still would love to go and I vow to continue partying, and working everyday to unite our human race through the power of positive partying’.

Personally, I agree with him. Who better to spread the message of peace from America to the Middle East than the man who brought us ‘Party Til You Puke’?


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