The Duck Face, The Tilted Head and The Hand on the Hip.


Mona Lisa of the 22nd Century.
Got my duck face on.

“The Duck face, the tilted head and the hand on the hip”, peeps, the world is becoming a beautiful place. Yes, you’ve got it right, if you can’t do any of those expressions, darling I’ve got bad news for you. You’re ugly.

I’ve seen it happening everywhere, from the bus stop to the coffee shop, in the toilet or at a night club. It has taken over the world. I agree, I did the duck face for a while,  ’cause I thought I looked ugly compared to the other ducks, only to realise a swan goes through an ugly duckling phase, doesn’t he? I went through one too, and I can proudly say that I’m cured of the self abusing habit.

I got thinking. Who started the duck face? How did the whole tilting of the head with your hand behind your head to support it get famous? And about the hand on the hip? Don’t even get me started on it. It looks like I’ve met a teapot. There have been some pretty hilarious photographs of girls caught before they could hold their head for the “Oh-my-next-best profile-photograph-EVER!!”, and then there are boys and girls who will go to an ‘oh so fancy’, clothing store, sneak in the best outfit to the trial and babe, the photo session is on. They become their own paparazzi. I need to admit, if these folks weren’t there, I won’t find my daily sadist humour anywhere else. They’ve honestly made the world a better place. I should probably think about throwing a few crumbs of bread the next time I see a duck face somewhere, would be my gratitude to the lady or the beautiful man.

If someone asks me, (I doubt anyone would ask, but still I want to push my opinion on everyone) that which position out of the three glamourous one is my favourite, I’d have to say, hands down it goes to the ’tilted head/I support my head’ look. I wish I could copy that with finesse. But well, God cannot gift me with every good quality now, can he?


Just writing from my day to day experience. Got my eyes on you.

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