The Weekly Distraction #30


Revising hard? No you’re not. Don’t lie to me, I can see right through you. Here’s something else to keep you from work a while longer, and to make anybody looking for a seat in the library curse you as a useless shit waste of space.

Incredibox Music Game

Written Kitten

31 ‘Oh Shit’ Moments

Lucky Russian Man Escapes Car Crash

7 Hilarious Ways Badass Movie Lines Got Ruined By TV Censors

6 Real People With Secret Identities Nobody Saw Coming

What to Say When Someone Knocks on the Bathroom Door


Thanks to Andy Haywood for his contributions.

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    The Badass Movie lines one is brilliant. Who the fuck is Mister Falcon?

    Sam Everard

    Unfortunately they missed out the Snakes on a Plane classic ‘I’ve had it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane’

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