Are You A Spelling Nazi?


We’ve all been taught that ‘i’ comes before ‘e’ accept after ‘c’ and that big elephants can’t always use small exits but honestly how good is you’re spelling and grammar?

Amongst the top 100 mispelled words in the UK are: drunkeness, embarass and equiptment. Did you realise that drunkenness was missing an ‘n’, that embarrass was missing an ‘r’ or that equipment had an extra ‘t’ in it?

With the introduction of spell check we have definately become lazy as a nation; we don’t even have to type with Siri. Then theres those sorts of people who think talking 2 u lyk this is acc3ptabl3…just too clarify, its not. Most of the time people are completely unaware that their even making a mistake. From FaceTime to Skype it seems we don’t have a need to write anything down anymore. To scared that I’ll loose it, I even put my shopping list into my phone.

Even those that acheive well in school can be caught out on Facebook. At the risk of embarassing myself or being a hypercrite, I often Google words before posting anything. There is nothing more humourous to me than when someone corrects someonelses spelling on Facebook and they make a mistake themselve’s…..akward. When it comes to being right, never let you’re gaurd down.

And then theres Twitter, a haven of grammatical errors because their isn’t enough room for a commar or an apostrophe in a 140 character tweat.

We could blame technolgy or we could blame the goverment like we do for everything. Perhaps the modern youth would be more succesful if this kind of thing was refered to and dealt with more publically. If in doubt why not make a mnemonic or a song; we’ve all seen Matilda!

Here is a list of helpful ways to remember some of those tricky words:

-Dessert has two‘s’s because you always wants seconds but desert only has one

-Necessary-Never Eat Cake Eat Salad Sandwiches And Remain Young

-Answer- A Negative Score Will Equal Relegation

-Rhythm-Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving

-Weird- ‘i’ before ‘e’ except in weird because weird is just weird

-Wed-nes-day and Feb-ru-ary (the old favourites)

-Difficulty- Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F F I, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L T Y.

-Minute-Many Insects Never Use The Escalator.

-Diarrhoea-Dash In A Real Rush Hurry Or Else Accident

-Mnemonics-Many Naughty Everyday Mnemonics Occasionally Need Ice Cream Scoops

Whether you’re a Geography student, an English student or a journalist, spelling is vital.



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