Further Syria Talks Postponed as McCain Discovers Plants Vs Zombies


Senator John McCain derailed any further Senate discussion on action in Syria after introducing the assembly to the iPhone game ‘Plants Vs. Zombies’ this morning.

Reports suggest Senator McCain spent ‘all night’ downloading a variety of new games to play at the next Senate hearing, and became hooked on the popular strategy game.

McCain's move from simulated poker has sparked debate in the Senate.
McCain’s move from simulated poker has sparked debate in the Senate.

When he arrived at the next set of talks this morning, he quickly became bored again with the discussion of US involvement in a murderous, war-torn state and  instead defended a virtual garden from a cartoon horde. Discussion broke down ten minutes later as he loudly announced that the game was ‘swell’ and the other senators should download it immediately.

“Obviously the conflict in Syria and the possibility of intervention are issues of the highest priority,” said one attending senator. “But it’s a really great game.”

Others stepped in to defend McCain’s seeming indifference to a hugely important subject, stating that it was a ‘really long meeting’ and that he’s ‘pretty old, if you think about it’. A visibly agitated John Kerry repeatedly attempted to get the hearing back on track, but inside sources suggest this was because his phone could only play ‘Snake’.

A hearing on unemployment has been pushed back so as to discuss progress in the recently released sequel, ‘Plants Vs. Zombies 2’.


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