The Weekly Distraction #41


IT’S BACK and this time, it’s personal. Cliché aside, The Weekly Distraction is your portal to procrastination. Here, we compile loads of funny, stupid, shocking and generally distracting things from around the internet to give you an excuse to put off anything you should be doing.


If you haven’t heard what is set to be this freshers’ anthem, why the hell not? The Norwegian masterminds have also made a song all about Stonehenge.

Stonehenge – Ylvis:

The Fox – Ylvis:


Here is a man going all Assassins’ Creed on Southampton. James Kingston has his own website displaying his daredevil stunts, but you know, safety first and all that.

POV Parkour Rooftop Climb in Southampton, UK with James Kingston


Thierry Henry’s goal celebration has become a meme. He can now be seen all over the interwebs, casually leaning on stuff…yet it’s beautiful.

Dirty Dancing Miley tumblr_mte74n6kZi1qk8gn3o4_500 HistoryLion King

Ruby Tandoh

One amazing person has made a tumblr solely dedicated to the many faces of, nervous and winging it, Great British Bake Off contestant Ruby Tandoh.

How to swing like Miley Cyrus

If you haven’t seen this, you need to now. It’s the most useful tutorial out there on how to be as much a wreck as Miley is.

How to Basics – How to Swing like Miley Cyrus

Fictional Character Twinsie

Buzzfeed have compiled a mini database of fictional characters birthdays, but it’s quite American. Definitely worth a look though.

Find out which Fictional Character shares your Birthday

Proposing on a Wake Board

In memory of the wonderfully awkward Freshers’ Ball proposal last year, here is a guy dropping on one knee ON A BLOOMING WAKE BOARD!

Tandem Wake Surfing Proposal is just beautiful

Penguin’s Gift

If you’re starting to miss home already, here is a blushing bride getting a too slapstick to be true present from a penguin.

Who visits the Zoo vet on their wedding day anyway?

Slow Loris eating a rice ball

Just aww.


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