The Weekly Distraction #42


Yay, more stuff to stop you doing what you probably should be. Lectures may be beginning, but that is no reason to stop wasting the day on the internet.

GoPro Fireman saves a kitten

Screw your back-flip down a mountain or snowboarding through an avalanche. Here is a man going above and beyond to save a new born cat.

Cat Vines

This needs no explanation. It’s cats and the internet.

Hawk ruins reunion

This family has been caring for this baby rabbit for a few days and when they finally set it free…nature happens.

Mary Berry Biting into Things

Continuing from the many faces of Ruby Tandoh, here is a tumblr dedicated to the ambrosial delights of Mary Berry…well biting into things.

Mary Berry

People are really bad at Geography

It’s not just the Americans who struggle with geography.

Na na na na BAT DAD

He is playtime’s reckoning. Seriously, this guy is such a joker. I’M BATMAN!

21 Things you’re sick of hearing if you don’t watch “Breaking Bad”

I’m sure it’s a great show, but please stop. Please.

Cute things

Because why the hell not. So many “awwww” moments. Almost as cute as the PDA in Jesters.

Modern Art of a Toddler?

Can you tell the difference between modern art and the work of a child who cannot yet use the potty?


And finally…this…

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