The Weekly Distraction #43


It’s that time again. With the two weeks of madness slowly coming to an end, here are some things to keep up the crazy, distracting and work avoiding theme that started the term.

Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Lip Sync Battle

Just three funny guys going all out to be the best at lip syncing. They’ve already beaten most pop stars:

R.I.P. Hedgehog

He looks rather SHARP in that uniform

He looks rather SHARP in that uniform

Woman quits her job in viral style/Boss fights back

This woman is sick of making videos for a boss who chooses number of views over quality content so she quits, by getting a load of views:

Then the boss replies (he is strangely thin):

Adults stealing baseballs from children

People aren’t very nice. Here are some adults destroying dreams…for baseballs:

40 Must-See Photos From the Past

A collection of photos to fill you will nostalgia, outrage, joy and gratitude for the fact your parents can’t put you in a suspended cage any more:

We DON’T Buy Any Car

There is an exception to every rule, this person found out the hard way (Click to enlarge):

I don't know what to believe any more...
I don’t know what to believe any more…

People jumping in front of cars

These nutters are desperate for a bit of cash and will go to any length to make a claim for insurance…buy running into traffic:

“bike lanes by Casey Neistat”

This guy was given a ticket for avoiding the bike lane, he proved why the bike lane’s in New York aren’t safe:

French supermarkets are so much cooler than ours

You don’t see this in *insert wherever it is you shop*

20 Awkward Things That Happen When You Move In With A Significant Other

Strangely most of these apply to your house mates. Home is where you can poop comfortably:

And finally, Japan

Never change Japan:

Thanks to Diogo Lopes and Beth Eaton for their contributions.

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