“Ralph Miliband Probably Killed Diana” Says Daily Mail


Earlier today the Daily Mail released a statement suggesting that Ralph Miliband, who they recently described as ‘the man who hated Britain’, was the brains behind the murder of Princess Diana in 1997.

Mail journalists claim to have unearthed evidence that Miliband orchestrated the assassination of Diana, singlehandedly giving the Mail two decades worth of content. When it was pointed out that Miliband had been dead for three years at the point, the Mail dismissed the fact as inconsequential.

“Of course it was Ralph Miliband,” said a Daily Mail spokesperson. “The man who hated Britain would obviously want to target the woman who symbolised everything that’s great about Britain, it’s all been downhill ever since.”

There are 600 of these hanging in the Daily Mail editor's office.
There are 600 of these hanging in the Daily Mail editor’s office alone.

“As to his not being alive, he probably organised the hit years before it happened. He was crafty like that. Do you know he wasn’t even born in this country? The evidence against him just keeps mounting up.”

According to more research by Mail staff, Miliband was probably the worst person that ever lived. “We stick by our original article. New evidence that we’ve unearthed suggests that Miliband probably invented call centres, and someone told us that he once kicked a homeless man, almost certainly for no reason. We’re also sure that were he alive today, his favourite film would probably be Grown-Ups 2. He’s truly a monster.”


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    Miss Teen South Carolina

    This is about two weeks too late. Badgers moving goalposts is the route-one sssatire target now.

    Shaun Harvey

    You’re absolutely right. We should be flogging to death 6 year old internet memes instead.

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    I think it was Sherad Cowper-Coles, Richard Dearlove and David Spedding, al MI6, who orchestrated the plot to kill Princess Diana.


    I fact I know it was and the idea came from someone closely associated with Prince Charles, like Nicolas Soames and Robert Fellowes.

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