The Weekly Distraction #45 The Music Edition


We are moving! The Weekly Distraction is going back to Wednesdays, but we don’t want to leave you without your Monday fix. Therefore, in honour of the new music spectacle that is “Chinese Food”, sung by the “new Rebecca Black”, here is a special music edition of your weekly source of procrastination. Yet again, I got a bit into it so there is plenty to sink your ears into.

Chinese Food and other internet superstarz (yes, with a Z)
From the people who brought you the voice of an angel, Rebecca Black, here is the next best thing since sliced cabbage. Alision Gold, the girl with a throat lined with gold, sings her love for takeaways. Please excuse the subtle racism.

Here’s some more internet music gems

Friday, Rebecca Black
It’s Thanksgiving, Nicole Westbrook
My Jeans, Jenna Rose
Hot Problems, Double Take

Mass Text, Tay Allen

I love Chinese foodRebecca Black

Bad Lip Reading
We love these guys here at pause, but did you know; before they started turning our favourite films and TV shows into hilarious, yet somehow coherent, babble, Bad Lip Reading improved some of our favourite songs? Have a listen:

Everybody Poops – a bad lip reading of The Black Eyed Peas
Russian Unicorn – a bad lip reading of Michael Bublé
Black Umbrella – a bad lip reading of Miley Cyrus
Morning Dew – a bad lip reading of Bruno Mars, feat. Lady Gaga and Jay-Z

Remember these girls? They even made that bearable: Time to Rock– a bad lip reading of “Hot Problems”

Christina Bianco Diva Impressions
The worrying moment when you realise that this woman could potentially replace the entire female singer population with her skillz. Bianco

Who doesn’t know how to flush the loo?
These girls rendition of Cher Lloyd features a special guest: an angry Scottish mother:

And Cher Lloyd even did a cover:

OMG! Let me try again
This girl is dedicated to her craft, it’s just a shame that she’s just not very good at it.

The Gregory Brothers a.k.a. Schmoyoho
Accent on the “yo”. The Gregory Brothers do with auto-tune what Rebecca Black never could and make magic out of the mundane. Here they are “songifying” some internet classics:

Charlie Sheen’s Interview
E-Harmony girl loves cats
Gingers have Souls
The Bed Intruder Song

They even “songify” the news: Gregory BrothersMr G: The Musical

Fans of Summer Heights High will understand the artistry that is Mr G the musical. If you haven’t watched Summer Heights High, do it, especially with Ja’mie King’s spin-off coming out soon.

Who needs music when you have voices. This group os ne of the best acapella groups out there and there’s only 5 of them! Not to mention that guys deep voice *swoon*.

The Evolution of Music –
Thrift Shop –
The Wizard of Ahhhs –

Disney Acapella
Feeling down? Heather Traska takes all our Disney favourites and shoves them into a massive ball of nostalgia.

Part 1 –
Part 2 –

Disney acapella medley

There’s also this gem, by Paint:
After Ever After – Ever After

Epic Rap Battles of History
The name is pretty self explanatory. Where else can you see Hilter rap against Darth Vader?

Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe –
Mario Bros vs the Wright Bros –
Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates –

Rhett and Link
These “internetainers” have a collection of wonderful musical numbers. Here’s some of them for your enjoyment.

Epic Rap Battle of Manliness –
Epic Rap Battle of Nerdiness –
What Women Want –

Scott Bradlee and the Post-Modern Jukebox
This band takes modern hits and gives them an old-fashioned makeover. Songs like Thrift Shop, Call Me Maybe and We Can’t Stop are given the vintage treatment, producing amazing sounds for your ears to enjoy.

Thrift Shop –
We Can’t Stop –
Don’t you Worry Child –

Incredibox and Music Box Game
We’ve had these on here before, but they are just so much fun. Why not have another try at making your own music?

Music Box Game

Harry Potter’s Draw My Life
Let’s end with a personal favourite. Oh the nostalgia! Potter Draw My Life

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