The Weekly Distraction #46(66): Halloween 2013


Boo! It’s Halloween tomorrow so we have compiled loads of creepy, nasty, gory, icky and other adjectives that described Halloween stuff. The thing I took away from searching the web for all these distraction was that some people on the internet are truly disgusting. Here’s some things even scarier than the rising costs of being a student.

How to make a pumpkin

Scary Pumpkins


A HowToBasic Halloween

Monster Mash Guy Cover Album

Stay Indoors

Hell No: The Sensible Horror Movie

Jeffrey Thomas’s Twisted Princess

Living with Jigsaw

It’s Just a Cat

Don’t Check it Out, Don’t Split Up

ginerbread man

DED Talk: A TED Talk for Zombies

11 Drunk Guys Play OUTLAST

Top Ten Sexy Costumes?

Halloween Light Show

small_flamingo costume


18 Dogs with better costumes than you

13 signs you’ve gone too far with your pet’s Halloween costume

6 Serial Killers more terrifying than any horror movie

5 News stories that are basically horror movie plots


5 Movie deaths that should have been really easy to avoid

18 Examples of incredibly creepy Halloween make up

10 Costumes you’ll wear through your life

Why Couples Costumes Suck


And Rule


Nicholas Cage

Nick cage

Thanks to An exhausted me for their contributions.

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