How to Make the Perfect Hoodie Phrase


We’ve all seen them. The hoodies sold by your academic societies with those humorous phrases on the back. Now, Pause brings together some of these quotes for your delight!

There are several parts to a good hoodie quote and several angles to take:

These guys are shocked at their own bland hoodies
These guys are shocked at their own bland hoodies

Nearly all of the hoodie quotes we’ve found contain some sort of double entendre. Examples include SUPA’s “We do it on the backbenches”, EngSoc’s “Prose before Hoes” and “Give it to me rough, like a first draft”, and Audiology’s “Audiologists do it with frequency and intensity”.

Include a good dose of clever. You are at University after all and some of the best jokes are those only those in your subject will understand. Physoc’s I’ve got a hadron so prepare to be lepton” and to a lesser extent HistSoc’s “Historians: About as classy as a Marxist society” are good examples.

Some reference popular culture such as “The Only Way is Ethics”, and these from EngSoc and ESSS: “Metaphors be with you”“Verb is the Word” and “May the Forest be with you”.

Others suggest an external partnership may be in order, such as MedSoc’s “Medics: Powered by Wikipedia” and GeogSoc’s “Sponsored by Crayola”.

Others are a little less discreet. MedSoc’s “Too fit to practice” and Audiology’s “I lobe ears” say it all.

So having shown you the elements of the perfect hoodie quote time to share with you my three favourites:

  • Psychology’s “Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?”
  • Psychology’s “Nature vs. Nurture: Either way it’s your parent’s fault.”
  • Environmental Sciences’ “Global Warming … A great ice-breaker.”

Thank you to all the societies who came up with these quotes and special thanks to EngSoc, ESSS, PsychSoc and PsySoc and Audiology Society for giving us their submissions!

Any other good ones we missed? Comment below and spread the laughter!


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    Languages also has some fantastic ones:

    “Get an Eiffel of my tower”
    “Good with our tongues”
    “Cunning linguists”

    And my personal favourite (and oh so geeky) “I wanna be a schwa, it’s never stressed”

  2. avatar

    Others include external sponsorship, such as MedSoc’s “Medics: Powered by Wikipedia” and GeogSoc’s “Sponsored by Crayola”.

    These are not sponsorship, they are jokes. What a shame they seem wasted on you!

    Steven Osborn

    On the contrary I fully understood all the jokes in them. Perhaps my style of humour needed to be more explicit so it could be identified as such. If it makes you feel any better I’ve reworded it.

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