The Weekly Distraction #48


It’s that time again kids! Time to ignore the ever growing pile of work you need to sort out and journey through the wonderfully weird web.

Bad Lip Reading: Game of Thrones

The Ohio State Marching Band Has Some Skills

Terrible Hit and Run Attempt

Skype Has All The Feels

So Close...
So Close…


Real Life Superheroes Save Tesco

Pulp Fiction Stops Robbery

Now I ain’t saying she’s a Gold Digger

18 Soldiers Reunited with their dogs

The Dangers of Autumn
The Dangers of Autumn


The 23 Worst Parts of your Childhood

The Hunger Games Re-enacted by Cats in Cardboad

A Town Called Panic (A wonderful French film)

The Full Version:

Get a Twosie

It Just Screams Class
It Just Screams Class


25 Behind the Scenes to Spoil some Iconic Movies

The Updated PokéRap with all 718 Pokémon

These aren’t Photographs, Someone Drew These–fact-pencil-watercolour-drawings.html

Ylvis (the fox guys) Have a New Song About Massachusetts

This is all made from Lego
This is all made from Lego


Morgan Freeman Reads “The Fox”

Star Wars Bloopers

Justin and Emily: The Proposal

This was found in the Men's at an engagement ring store (Click to enlarge).
This was found in the Men’s at an engagement ring store (Click to enlarge).


Sea Lion Steals Monster Fish

Can you name all the London Tube Stations in this Picture? (Click to Enlarge)Name the Station

Thanks to Adam Cope, Beth Eaton and Steven Osborn for their contributions.

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