The Weekly Distraction #49


Life is getting tough and everyone around you is ill. If you’re one of the affected, here’s some things to distract you. If you’re not yet ill, you need to hide away from the world so why not do that on the internet? Either way, we’ve got you sorted with distractions.

Teen went out Drinking in Manchester, Woke up in Paris

Guy Live Tweets his Neighbour’s Break Up

Girls are Assholes

Tissues are Beautiful

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These Stories will Restore your Faith in the Internet

Jean Claude Van DAMN!

Would you Tip this Waiter?

So witty it hurts.
So witty it hurts.

This Guy’s Livin’ on a Prayer

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Kid Dresses up as Harry Potter and looks for Platform 9 3/4

This Fireman Can Show you the World

Retro Gaming Music Goes with Everything

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Toaster Design Fail

Jennifer Lawrence Owns Interviews

4 Bored Guys at the Airport

Goats that are Stuck

Woman writes a Note to her Burglars who Ignored her VHS Collection

These Animals may be more Talented that you

They are probably smarter than this guys friends.
They are probably smarter than this guy’s friends.


Are People Living Behind your Bookcase?

Keep it Classy Soton


Thanks to Dimple Vijaykumar, Jack Kanani, Shaun Harvey and Steven Osborn for their contributions.

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