The Weekly Distraction #51


It’s Wednesday again and it’s the perfect excuse to spend the whole day on the internet. In fact, why only just do it on Wednesday? Everyday is a great day to visit the weird corners of the web.

Seth Rogan and James Franco Recreate Kanye’s “Bound 2”

The Cast of Matilda Reunite and Recreate some Classic Scenes

Wrecking Ball: Chatroulette Version

Sheep Protest
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Why You Should Drink More Wine

Only in Britain

Everything Should be Mulled


Banned Commercial for Protein Shake

Amazingly Convincing Fan Theories

Wiper Cat

More Dogs

This Worker Receives 10 Hilarious Formal Complaints in 6 Months

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10 Hunger Games Facts
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Photoshopped Animal Hybrids

Silly Game Show Answers
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Man Changes His Name to Fluffie Wuffy for Charity

R.I.P. Barney
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Stop Motion Spray Paint Rampage

Thanks to Adam Cope, Beth Eaton and Dimple Vijaykumar for their contributions.

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