The Weekly Distraction #53 Christmas 2013


It’s nearly Christmas! The time of year when everyone pretends to be happy and randomly give each other things they have been putting off buying for themselves. Here’s an extra special holiday themed weekly distraction for you to enjoy with a nice glass of Christmas Spirit.
The distraction is on holiday until the New Year so have a lovely, jolly and distracting Christmas and I’ll see you in 2014!

Christmas Hatred Supercut
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10 Wonderfully Terrible Christmas Songs

Michael Bublé - Farting on your Presents
Michael Bublé – Farting on your Presents

Do You Need to Get a Gift for Them?

How to Avoid Giving Gifts

Christmas Hacks


Awesome Christmas Card Ideas

A Viral Christmas Card – A Christmas Wrap if you will
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All I Want for Christmas is Cash

Alternative Christmas Wreaths

Photoshopped Model Turned into Santa

The Original

Paul Rudd uses the Same Prank Every time his on Conan
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This was probably made by a Lettings Agency
This was probably made by a Lettings Agency

Stars in Star Wars

Sexy Football Managers?

Santa Wrecking Ball Cover

A Wrecking Bauble?
A Wrecking Bauble?

Which Game of Thrones Character are you?

John Lajoie Christmas Text Song
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Which Friends Character are you?

Best Christmas Moments in Friends

How British are you?

Which Love Actually Character are you?

Life Lessons From Love Actually

A Christmas Genius
A Christmas Genius

Why HOOK is the Perfect Holiday Films

The Worst People at Christmas

Could be could have gone to Solent...
Could be worse…you could have gone to Solent…

Santa Has a Lie Detector

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Weird Vintage Christmas Cards

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Who needs heating when you've got a lot of cardboard?
Who needs heating when you’ve got a lot of cardboard?

The Questions ELF didn’t answer

This Girl’s Signing is Adorable

Scientifically Accurate Santa
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Lazy People Shortcuts

After Losing his Wife, Man recreates Wedding Photos with Daughter

Internet Queen of Puns Hannah Hart does a My Drunk Kitchen Episode on Jamie Oliver’s Channel
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Make Your Own Christmas Jumper with Mamrie Hart

Christmas Sweatz

Christmas Face


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