The Weekly Distraction #57


New semester, new start. Time to start as you mean to go on…by procrastinating on the internet.

More NFL Bad Lip Reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger Works at Gold’s Gym

The Official Housemate Scorecard

13 Weeds That You Can Eat Without Dying

Beautiful Aerial Photographs

Best 10 Second Video About Grasshopper Riders

Stormtrooper Dance Crew
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What if Star Wars was a Spanish Soap Opera?
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What if Batman was a Heart-warming Coming-of-Age Story?

A Ranking of All the Times Frodo got Hurt in LOTR

The World When You’re Sick vs. When You’re Well

Proof Britain isn’t Very Good for Postcards

Ticket Barrier Sings Blur
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Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’ in 25 Different Languages

The History of Beer Drinking

Top 20 Disney Villains

The 10 Disney Guys You’ll Meet at Uni

Person Switch Prank
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Never Trust Blindfolds

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