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Television has always been able to capture and shape us. But too often, old favourites lie forgotten and sights and sounds that defined our lives gather dust in our memories. Not for much longer.

TVARK describes itself as the Online Television Museum, and after a few minutes of use you can easily see why. It’s stuffed full of nostalgia in the form of programme titles and music, channel logos that were cut loose decades ago and long forgotten routines. Who still remembers the days of Schools TV and closedown each evening?

It’s video collections rival that of YouTube with one major advantage – YouTube relies on you to search for them, whereas TVARK gives them to you on a silver platter. Simply wander through your childhood, rediscovering what you thought was lost. Now, if you’ll excuse me it’s time I wallow in some old comedy, or maybe an advert or two.

Warning: Minutes can easily become hours on this site!


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History student and passionate writer about everything connected to Southampton and its rich tapestry of stories and history. Due to an unfortunate case of graduation, this writer is no longer active.

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