The Weekly Distraction #58


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Stay in School

JK Rowling Admits Harry and Hermione Should Have Married Each Other

Books Recreated by Babies

Colourful Igloo
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Man Finds the Man who Stopped Him Committing Suicide

Supercut of Every Best Visual Effects Oscar Winner

Super Bowl Commercials

GoPro of Skydive from Space
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Skydive Life Save
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The Hummus (A Muslim Answer to The Onion)

Basketball Kid
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Guy Wrestling Bears in his Back Garden
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Family House With a Pub in the Back Garden

News Bloopers

Unnecessary Censorships

Lamp Post Fail

Turkeys can fly… but not very well

Startled Cat Gifs

10 Incredible Internet Easter Eggs
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Dimly Lit Meals For One

Life Size Fisher Price Car

Real life Batarang
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Everything Wrong With Batman and Robin

Mr Freeze Sings “Let it Go”
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Vintage NASA Photos

Re-Coloured Vintage Celebrity Photos

Facebook was Around in 1902?

Are You a Good Liar

90’s Cartoons Reimagined

Rock Climbers and Chairs

Weird Monopoly Editions

Definitive Ranking of Boners

Thanks to Dimple Vijaykumar for their contributions.

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