Scene This?: The Most Popular Girls in School


We all know the stereotype of popular girls: bitchy, pretty and live for the drama. The troupe has helped fuel slasher horror films alone for years. Now, can you imagine these catty teens being played by Barbies? Enter The Most Popular Girls in School.

This web series follows the cheerleaders of Overland Park and their hilariously over the top and ridiculous plots for revenge, territorial wars and, of course, unnecessary swearing. Sounds stupid, but it’s exactly this randomness that makes Carlo Moss and Mark Cope’s this show so perfect.



The show takes all the vulgar cruelness of popular girls we love to watch and through stop motion dollies, takes it to a whole new level of funny.




With foul-mouthed Brittany, simple Trisha, pervy Lunch Lady Belinda and insatiably hungry Deandra there’s so much to like about this show. Plus, it’s not just the girls getting in on the drama, the cast is filled with boys, parents, siblings and randomers to keep you entertained for ages.




Episodes come out every Tuesday with special bonus videos of the cast and characters each Thursday, including talks with some of the well known YouTuber cameos like Lee Newton, Kingsley, Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig.




With a mixture of great characters, obscure yet consistent plot lines and constant swearing, it’s clear why this show reached its Kickstarter target and is now in it’s 3rd season. This time, the girls have to deal with their popularity being compromised by the plague sweeping through the school: hipsters.




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