Referendum to be Held for Winchester Independence


Rumours are starting to spread about news of a referendum on the independence of Winchester School of Art, the University of Southampton’s art school, which is based in Winchester and not Southampton.

A prominent staff member of the University, based at Southampton’s Highfield Campus, did not wish to be identified, but said the idea of independence was preposterous.

“It’s ridiculous, of course. There is no evidence to suggest that the Winchester campus can support itself and they would need to reapply for membership of the European Union. The campuses are better together – we can support Winchester as a large, united whole, use their talents next time we change the logo and continue our reputation as a world-leading university in a huge variety of areas.”

However, supporters of independence cite many advantages, including the fact that removing the “University of Southampton” sign at Winchester train station will be less confusing for everyone. Some also argue that with the renovations of Boldrewood Campus, the University is getting too powerful in its reach and something needs to be done.

A student at the School of Art said

“Why not give independence a go? We are in a strong position – all our talent is based in Winchester, it’s a beautiful city and we have some really strong business partnerships, which could support us in independence. Plus, designing banknotes for a new currency would be a really cool thing to add to a portfolio.”

It is yet to be seen whether this issue will have an impact on Winchester’s healthcare or the upcoming SUSU elections.

We will update this article with any developments.


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