The Weekly Distraction #68


I have once more taken the on the role as resident distractor, here to resized_creepy-willy-wonka-meme-generator-oh-you-don-t-like-football-why-don-t-you-tell-the-rest-of-facebook-d41d8ccelebrate with or indeed distract you post-results. As the World Cup continues and Wimbledon begins today, this post naturally has very little to do with sport and much more to do with cute animals and ironic videos. Enjoy!


First off, in the spirit of the beautiful game, here are 13 World Cup reactions you’ll understand (click the very angry lady)


But for those of us to whom football does not come naturally, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum explain


This brilliant kid who freaks out when he thinks he stole a cup from a restaurant


This ridiculously cute dog discovers a leaf blower


This genius video of how a cat welcomes a new kitten to the household


And following this style, the inner thoughts of some sad but very eloquent cats


When adults have tantrums like toddlers


1000 German people think it’s a good idea to eat a “Ghost Chilli”. For fun.


Things Babies Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them


Just some marching geese

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