Why Southampton Is Like Hogwarts: Part 2 – The Subjects


Earlier this year we shined the spotlight into the similarities between the University of Southampton and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now we lift the lid on the magic being taught from within the walls of this institution. 

  1. Herbology – One of the key subjects, it is the study of magical and mundane plants and fungi. And it is taught here under the auspices of Botany and the Biological Sciences. We even have the greenhouses to prove it!
  2. Divination – This one’s all about gathering insights into future events… anyone else think this sounds like Psychology?
  3. Astronomy – The study of stars and planets doesn’t change regardless of if you’re magical or a muggle. We may not have a stone tower, but we have our own observatory that’s often shown off to the public at open evenings.
  4. Arithmancy – The study of the magical properties of numbers, including predicting the future with numbers, bears many resemblances with the work of the researchers in the Mathematical Sciences department. I also imagine the homework is just as heavy.
    Harry Potter 1
    Images by Ellie Man
  5. Potions and Alchemy – I shouldn’t need to spell this one out because this sums up the entire Chemistry department. Next.
  6. History of Magic – This apparently involves remembering dates, names and events. Now where have I heard that before? Admittedly, none of the History lecturers are ghosts, but Dr. Dan Levene studies magic. No, really!
  7. Ancient Runes – See above. The study of old runic scripts has many crossovers with historians, who also have to decipher old writings and sources. What’s more, you can even study runes written onto magic bowls online!
  8. Muggle Art – Rumour also has it there was an optional class in Muggle Arts at Hogwarts. *cough* Winchester School of Art *cough*
  9. The similarities don’t end there. Hogwarts was well known for having an Orchestra and also is rumoured to have had an optional Muggle Music class, whereas Southampton has a flourishing Music department and fourteen musical societies. Overall, I think we beat them on those stakes.
  10. Finally the big one: Muggle Studies. Come on, everything we do at Uni constitutes as Muggle Studies purely because we’re non-magical and we’re studying. Say no more.
Harry Potter 2
Images by Ellie Man


See, your studies are magical after all. Just think of that next time you watch Harry Potter or fall asleep in a lecture.






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