Things you wouldn’t hear in a student house


Many students have different views and approaches to university life, however there are a few things that most students surely wouldn’t say during their time at university. The following may include some phrases that Southampton students specifically will enjoy!

“I’m going to wash up before I eat my dinner…”

“That chicken is out of date, I wouldn’t eat it if I were you.”

“It’s always too hot in this house!”

“I’m so bored of daytime television, Jeremy Kyle is not entertaining at all.”

“Our shower drain doesn’t have a beard like Rubeus Hagrid.”

“Hey guys! I cleaned that weird black stuff in the corner of bathroom. But now I have a terminal disease.”

“The stairs really need a hoover.”

“What’s £10 divided by 7 days?… Just kidding my student loan came through on time last week.”

“I’m really looking forward to walking to my lecture on Avenue campus.”

“I called an exterminator to deal with that noise in the wall and definitely didn’t just hope for the scratching to stop on its own.”

“I agree, we should spend some time on tidying up the garden…”

“I can’t hear absolutely everything my housemates say or do from any point in the house.”

“I managed to make it to my 9 o’clock lecture three days after a Monday night at Jesters.”

“The cleaning rota we set up has remained at the heart of our unity as a house.”

“If you feel that strongly about it you can bring it up at the bi-weekly house meeting.”

I am sure there are many more, so please comment with any of your own!


2nd Year Economics student originally from the Birmingham area, loves sport and good food but most of all, having a laugh!

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