I’m A Celebrity, Put Them Into Here!


I don’t know if watching reality television is classed as a guilty pleasure, or as a student it is acceptable to spend your evenings watching people having more fun than you on the other side of the world, when Jesters is but a 15 minute walk away… either way the reality programmes that grace our screens – in I’m A Celeb’s case every night for 3 weeks – forever beg the question, “Why are these shows so popular?”

Every day for its duration, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! boasts viewing figures around the 10 million mark, which are over a million more than the X Factor manages, on a special episode! Without dumping on the X Factor, which as we all know is fantastic television at its glittering best…. there is something that makes IACGMOOH (it’s not a great acronym is it) better than the rest. Keep up here, it’s going to get messy, and not because of the bush-tucker trials… introducing:


  1. The young, attractive/athletic ones – who get the votes from preteens who should be in bed, are the so called ‘eye candy’ for the viewers and are generally stupid.
  2. The mature (OK, they’re old), parental ones – make sarcastic remarks because they are jealous of the younger ones, usually from shows anyone under 30 hasn’t seen and supposedly attract older viewers, who instead prefer the younger celebs anyway.
  3. The over the top American one – Annoying. He or she usually doesn’t get half the banter, is always too loud and always has an argument at some point about “values”.
  4. The opinionated one – always argues (usually with the American one), everyone either loves them or hates them and all the campmates talk about them behind their back.
  5. The boring one – never contributes in a 1hr 30 min episode, gets voted out – yet you didn’t know they were still in there – and only ever speaks to the diary camera.
  6. The scared one – who can’t do the trials and so is swiftly voted to do them all, provides the entertainment, screams more than speaks and causes everyone in camp to lose half their body mass (sometimes a great bootcamp for some of the larger campmates).
  7. The inevitable winner a.k.a Tarzan – arguably should live in the jungle and not in civilisation, smashes both the physical and culinary trials (will eat anything) and is always put forward by camp to do anything disgusting.


See, we are hooked already. Before the show even starts you think deep, philosophical thoughts such as, “Will he get on with her? Will she do the trials?” and “He’s annoying…” Of course there are other attractions to lucky viewers, namely the bush-tucker trials.

I think the public enjoy nothing better than seeing a celebrity get covered in all the Australian jungle has to offer:  that’s it, knock them down a peg or two and while you’re at it! Give them nothing to eat at the end of it unless, ironically, it’s an eating challenge…

As if to kick them while they are down, the well-scripted witticisms from Bant and Dec tear apart the celebrities from up high in the jungle canopy like a pair of well groomed monkeys, oh how we love them.

Perhaps I’m getting carried away, after all its is just a jungle full of people you have sort of heard of, like a good version of Big Brother one might say. There will always be those people who say reality television is tacky and overly dramatic, but that’s why we love it right? In a dark way it is comforting to know that someone somewhere is having a worse time than you, albeit in a well-controlled manner designed for our entertainment.

Anyhow, now that it is all over we can “return to reality” and conclude the only obvious let down about this year’s series is that the rumour suggesting Katie Hopkins was one of the celebrities turned out to be false. I’m sure you, like me, were bitterly disappointed. She’s A Celebrity, Get Her In There!

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