10 Things You Miss About Uni When You’re at Home


Up till now you’ve probably heard people going on and on about how they want to go home and they are fed up with university, deadlines and bad houses. Now that we are all home for the Christmas break however, it doesn’t take long to miss the perks of university life (you know, the little things). So here are 10 things most of us miss about being at university – and maybe hate about being at home too!

  1. Realising you can’t just go upstairs and talk to your mate anymore – After only 2 days of revising (well, trying) you reach unprecedented levels of boredom because you’re stuck alone at home, and everything just sucks, it sucks hard.

  2. The jokes you make are different at Uni – You crack some of your best quality banter before realising your friends from home don’t get your Uni in-joke; nice friends will ignore it, bad friends ignore it but share a look. Either way, you’re left feeling like a clown.

  3. Nights out are more expensive at home – Pints at the pub are £4 and that’s before you’ve forgotten your local nightspots are wannabes with unreasonable prices. All the while inside you know full well they have nothing on the palace of dreams, god we miss it over the holidays.
    Image credit: Dean Beyett
    Image credit: Dean Beyett

  4. Everything is no longer within walking distance – If you drive maybe it’s not so bad but for those who don’t, its back to the good old days of getting lifts off your mates, or god forbid, your mum. There’s something belittling about it, it’s hard to explain.

  5. Your diet isn’t judged at Uni – When you make a plate of food from your well-stocked fridge at home you inevitably hear a quiet comment from a nearby parent, “I don’t see any fruit on that plate”. Hey, it’s the first time I’ve seen paté in 12 weeks forgive me for having a whole packet…

  6. At home you’re “encouraged” to help around the house – You spent the first semester not even knowing you had a hoover, but only three days back and you’ve become very familiar with the one at home. Oh yeah and, “the dishwasher needs emptying again!”… Yet you resent every single, smug, shiny piece of cutlery, just because they would never be that clean at your uni house.
    Image credit: Jan
    Image credit: Jan

  7. “Make me and your mother a cup of tea” – For those that know, there isn’t much to explain. It’s made worse if you, like me, don’t even like drinking tea. Or coffee. It doesn’t stop them asking, or complaining when it isn’t good enough.

  8. Coming and going as you please – At Uni you can leave the house at any time and no one cares (which in a way is kind of sad). At home, any time past about 7pm if you go to leave someone will ask, “where are you going and when will you be back?” Are there no freedoms left in this world?!

  9. You can’t leave washing up/ an untidy kitchen for more than a day – At Uni, meh, someone will get it later, or not, either way. But if the kitchen is untidy for more than half an hour all hell breaks lose at home. “You’re not at university now, this is a clean house!” Seriously, just because I didn’t clean the cheese-grater? Three sides of it have never been used anyway, it’s not exactly dirty…

  10. The library – Although its associated with frustration, boredom and the smell of sweat, you kind of miss it. It’s a good friend, supporting you throughout all those late night sessions for deadlines the next day. More supportive than your actual friends anyway, they just laugh at you for leaving it so late.
    Image credit: umjanedoan
    Image credit: umjanedoan

Feature image courtesy of  Giles Moss



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    Where is sex on this list and why is it not at number 1?

    Tom 'Pez' Perry

    Because not everyone is genitalia with a human growing off it, but point taken.

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