Disney Fans Shocked to Discover that Ursula Isn’t Purple


Hot on the heels of Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel in the live-action Little Mermaid, some totally-not-racist activists have come to Wessex Scene to express their shock that Melissa McCarthy will be playing Ursula despite the fact that she is very clearly not purple.

Reginald Redpill, chairman of Irrelevant Opinions Ltd.,  contacted Wessex Scene via a direct video-link from Mum’s Shed and had this to say:

The Ursula I grew up with was a monstrous, half-octopus entity with bright purple skin, so I feel like by not literally scooping a fish out of the ocean, genetically splicing it with human DNA, dying them purple and making them sing and dance, the realism that the Danish myth, The Little Mermaid, prides itself on is well and truly lost.

Meanwhile, Karen Schmidt took time out of her busy schedule of arguing with the manager at Tesco Express to express her concerns about what message this casting will send to her children:

Ever since Le Fou in the live-action Beauty and the Beast made eye contact with a man for 27 seconds and made my son gay, I have realised that Disney is no longer a family-friendly organisation.

‘It’s become part of the PC agenda, ‘ Reginald continues, ‘and the fact that they didn’t cast Scarlett Johansson as Mulan, the Princess of China, just proves that.’

When Wessex Scene pointed out to Reginald the inconsistency in his argument, we lost connection and were told that he had left to see friends. However, we later received confirmation that he doesn’t actually have any.

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