Duolingo Owl Arrested For Online Harassment


The totally loveable (and not at all obsessive) mascot for Duolingo, a language learning website, was arrested for online harassment on 21st July after thousands of complaints were made about the owl’s constant emailing and app notifications.

Owl, who sometimes goes by the name of el búho, was arrested by armed police in Southampton today at one of the many homes that he owns around the world. The level of caution taken by police was justified after he threatened one French learner with physical violence if he didn’t complete his daily lessons.

One Spanish learner, Pete, recounted a story to police in which Duo told him that he would kidnap his entire family if he didn’t complete Adverbs 2 by the end of the day. He is now happy that he can ‘forget’ his lessons in peace.

Duo’s lawyer, Angelo Daisuke Joshua Schneider, gave a statement on Duo’s behalf, saying that he is ‘shocked and disappointed’ to see that this is how the mascot of the website is being treated; asking how people will now pretend to their friends that they’re learning a foreign language. ‘It’s your loss’, he concluded.

The arrest of Duo is another example of a mascot losing their way in life, with many still stunned by our recent reveal of Ronald McDonald’s drug addiction, but this is the first arrest of one.

Duo is reportedly in good condition in jail, crossing language barriers and making plenty of friends.

His trial is due to begin next year, although he understands that there may be delays as ‘everyone has to work at their own pace with this sort of thing’.


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