Study Finds the Customer is Never Right


If you’ve ever worked in some form of customer service, you’ll have heard the age-old saying ‘the customer is always right’, and have no doubt absolutely loved working with that in mind. This policy, adopted by many businesses, has famously made customer service a joyful and prosperous profession.

However, a recent study by researchers has found the exact opposite to be true with the research conducted at the University of Southampton suggesting that the customer is never right.

Dr Emma Thornton, the lead academic on the project, said that this research was ‘vital’  in ensuring that the people that serve us each and every day are treated with the ‘dignity and respect they deserve’. Yet, she also thought that the conclusion was ‘kind of obvious’, asking if funding had seriously been needed for a study with such a predictable outcome.

Meanwhile, retailers and food servers are rejoicing, with many now calling for the findings to be enshrined into British law.

However, not all agree, with Karen Smith, 43, a ‘stay at home mummy’ (according to her Facebook profile), promptly complaining on social media that the study ‘can’t be right’.

They’re there to provide a service to me; they’re paid to be my personal servant for an hour – how dare they question my authority? Kid’s crying, day’s ruined, where the hell is the project manager!????? [angry face, crying face, angry face, angry face]

Many customers have now vowed to never go back to their favourite shops again, much to the relief of literally everyone.


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