Fresher Accidentally Joins Army at Uni Bunfight


A student, fresh from Devon for his first year at the University of Southampton, accidentally signed up to the Army at the recent Bunfight on the 25th of September.

Mark Fresh had been signing up to everything that he was too awkward and polite to say no to at Bunfight, as his self-confessed biggest weakness when it comes to social interaction is being unable to walk away from people who approach him first because he doesn’t want to come across as rude.

As a result, Fresh agreed to join the Army, who had sneakily set up a stall in the Cube. Zoning in and out of concentration whilst ‘listening’ to the recruitment team, he hoped that signing his name down for what he assumed was an extreme hiking club would make them stop talking to him.

Shooting practice begins next week and Fresh, who didn’t want to shun ‘the Army and the commitment he had made’, is determined to go, lectures and seminars be damned.

Such incidents have not been unique to Southampton, as a student in Sheffield signed away her student loans to a prince in Nigeria at the Fresher’s Fair there last week. Meanwhile, another student at Nottingham University in fact accidentally signed up to Leeds University.

Mark Fresh didn’t let the ordeal and the shocking accidental career change get to him, as the free pens, magnets and Fresher’s magazine given out by Wessex Scene more than made up for it, along with the free pizza from Dominos.

Having asked which other societies he had signed up for, the interviewer got bored and soon stopped taking note of them, as the list was so long. However, Fresh also said that he plans on going to precisely zero this semester.


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