Student on Trial for Blocking Kitchen Sink


On the 13th of May 2019, a shocking crime took place in a quiet student house on Avenue Road, Southampton – one that has left the residents reeling in horror after discovering that the kitchen sink was blocked.

Francesca Millard, the prime suspect in the case, is currently on trial for the disgusting act for which she rightly faces life imprisonment.

She was accused by her housemates of pouring oil down the sink, blocking the plumbing and rendering the whole sink unusable. Her defence asserted in court today that it was actually the rice she shoved down the sink that caused the blockage, as if that’s any better.

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The trial is a bleak reminder of the situation in countless Southampton student homes with crime on the rise after a noticeable increase in burned toast setting off fire alarms, piles of dishes left to ‘soak’ in kitchen sinks for days and stolen food.

Ben Tenneson, Millard’s housemate, took it upon himself to contact his landlord in a very timely fashion two weeks later because he ‘forgot’. The state of the house after two weeks with no kitchen sink was enough for the Army to quarantine the house, which was burned down in June because of ‘health concerns’.

Ted Fed, another housemate of Millard, who initially discovered the crime, told Wessex Scene about his tragic experience of just trying to do his washing up for a change, only to find this to be a now impossible task:

I was panicked, with a million thoughts flowing through my head, mainly about how I looked really guilty panicking at a blocked sink and could be accused of being an accomplice. I considered using the other one but that one’s inaccessible for saucepans and plates, so I just had a bit of a cry.

The police have issued a statement urging others to be on the look out and to report such crimes wherever the occur, otherwise ‘society is sure to go down the drain’.



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