Auntie Adelaide’s Happy Hour


Who is Auntie Adelaide?

Often likened to the alcoholic spinster aunt at family reunions, Adelaide is a shoulder to cry on in times of trouble. Offering modern solutions to modern problems is her forte.

What does she tackle?

Everything from relationships to education, studies and socials. Auntie Adelaide is well versed in a myriad of topics and will confidently lend advice when it is needed.

Disclaimer: Advice from Auntie Adelaide should be taken with more than a pinch of salt (and lime!). Happy Hour is every hour for Auntie A, so her judgement is more than a bit impaired.


Dear Auntie A, I really wanted to go as Mr.T to a fancy dress party, he’s my idol and it would be an honour to celebrate his contribution to society. That being said, my friends think it’s distasteful and even ‘racist‘ to dress up like him.  What do I do?


Oh dear! This is a tricky one indeed. Well, when it doubt, do it with CONFIDENCE and PINASH!

Blackface is a very touchy subject at the moment and so I would advise that you conduct it properly.

Firstly, if you have any black friends or know anyone black then I would study them in-depth. How do they breathe? How do they eat? How do they steal? These things are all very important in understanding the ways of the modern-day black man or woman.

Secondly, go down to your local Boots and ask for their blackest shade of foundation. Failing that, ask if they carry any shoe polish.

Thirdly, acquire a good wig. This shouldn’t be too hard, just go down to your local party shop, find a clown wig and dye it black – hey presto, you have your very own black hair!

Walk with your chin up and rock that Mr.T costume!

In the immortal words of the great Mr.T; ‘I pity the fool that don’t be cool.’

Well, it’s Gin and Tonic O’ Clock, better scurry off,

Love, Adelaide x


This week’s Sneaky Drinkies is….

The Abandoned Blockbuster on Portswood Road.

A mixture of minimalistic chic and the remnants of a forgotten decade make this place all the rage this week. Gather a few of your friends, two bottles of the 2 for 1 prosecco at Sainbury’s and have yourself a very merry time!




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