Which FRIENDS Character is Each Political Party?


It’s often very difficult to try and keep up with the confusing and ever-changing world of British politics. Parties accuse and slander one another’s policies, making it very difficult to see who’s telling the truth, who represents what you stand for, and who you should vote in favour of. But it turns out this difficult decision can be a lot less daunting. Think of it not as an important nationwide vote requesting change, but instead as a which FRIENDS character are you?’ Buzzfeed quiz, using this guide to then decide who to vote for: 

Conservative: Ross Geller

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As a man who’s well-known for his penchant for divorce, Ross is yearning for yet another. This marriage may have lasted for many years (shockingly), but Dr Geller cannot escape the sparkling feeling that comes with the cutting of emotional ties.

He doesn’t seem to care too much about how his actions are going to affect other people, especially those who grew to like his spouse – he just wants to move on. He thinks he’s important because he got himself a PhD and walks around calling himself ‘doctor’, even though everyone knows it doesn’t really count. He’ll say he’s fine, but you know he secretly doesn’t really understand and wishes more people liked him.


Labour: Chandler Bing

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Chandler and Ross go way back. However, while Ross is very self-confident, Chandler seems to be the opposite. Chandler is so uncomfortable that his usual first interactions with people are fueled purely by sarcasm and this approach is also the reason why nobody can really take him seriously.

He’s nice enough, but it gets very difficult to support him when it’s almost impossible to tell if he’s still joking. Unlike Ross, Chandler isn’t desperate for a divorce but has left a string of upset and tormented exes behind him. He’s also hoping that they don’t become relevant, occurring characters.


Liberal Democrats: Joey Tribbiani

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Joey is a lovable character purely because it’s so easy to laugh at him. He doesn’t really stand for anything and you know he’s not exactly going anywhere with his life, but you can’t help but root for him anyway.

He’s sometimes stuck on whether to side with Ross or Chandler, but often just takes himself out of arguments and does something else entirely irrelevant. If he didn’t exist, nothing would be too different, but the affairs would be a lot less hilarious.


Green Party: Phoebe Buffay

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Phoebe lives a very bohemian lifestyle. She doesn’t really get involved in the main conversations between the friends and will only sometimes interject, often to no avail. However, when Phoebe gets to choose the topic, she can talk for hours and often speaks about things that nobody else can understand or relate to.

Nobody really takes her seriously, purely because what she talks about is seemingly so irrelevant. She is a child at heart – full of hope – but hope is not something that can be carried in politics.


Brexit Party: Rachel Green

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She got off the plane.


Scottish National Party: Monica Geller

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Monica is the kind of woman who knows what she wants and demands it from the people around her. It can work, but her opinion is often ignored – typical of highly gender-equal 90s entertainment.

Unfortunately for her friends, she’s responsible for a large portion of who they are, and, if she were to leave, there would be rampant disorder. Like all strong 90s women, Monica is annoying and bossy, and also not averse to stropping off is something doesn’t go her way.


UKIP: Janice Litman-Goralnik

Oh my God.


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