David Cameron at University of Southampton TODAY


David Cameron has arrived at the University of Southampton this morning, a representative of Student Services has confirmed.

Currently the Conservative leader is in meeting with the Vice-Chancellor in the student services building. Students and press have begun milling outside after news of his arrival has spread.

It has also been confirmed that Nick Clegg will be visiting the General Hospital in Southampton tomorrow.

A student who saw Mr Cameron on the upper level of the Student Services building said that the Conservative leader dismissed Liberal Democrat policies on scrapping tuition fees, claiming ‘it can’t be done.’

It is unsure what time Mr Cameron will leave the building.

Unconfirmed reports have also been circulating among students that Gordon Brown is in the Southampton area and will be visiting the university soon.


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    Thought there would be more publicity about any visit from their parties press team, but perhaps these politicians want to play it low key in case they are mobbed by students. Perhaps egg throwing antics and other displays are making these PM hopefuls wary of encounters with students?

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