Prime Minister Visits Solent – Students Expect Clegg Tomorrow


David Cameron answers questions from the press during his visit to the university

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg is expected in Southampton tomorrow, as the city saw visits from both David Cameron and Gordon Brown this afternoon.

Conservative leader David Cameron arrived on campus at midday today and spent around an hour hearing about research into renewable energy resources conducted at the University. Cameron answered questions from students and the local press. When asked about his response to the MP’s expenses scandel he said that Conservative MP’s will ‘absolutely’ be paying the money back.

Vice-Chancellor for the University Don Nutbeam said: ‘I was impressed by the openess of David Cameron’s visit. He was prepared to answer difficult questions about university fees. It was also a great opportunity for the University to show off our research into renewable energy resources.’

Gordon Brown was also in the city this afternoon as Labour today released their manifesto on green policy. The Prime Minister visited Southampton Solent University and attended a question and answer session with students.  Local Labour MP Alan Whitehead said: ‘Gordon Brown will be ensuring that he talks to students in Southampton.’

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is expected in Southampton tomorrow, where he will also face questions from students in Southampton.

Read more about the full details of all the party leaders’ visits to Southampton this week in the upcoming edition of the Wessex Scene, out soon.


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