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    Chris Houghton

    At the risk of getting a lot of abuse fired at me, I think that the Tories have got by far the most realistic and good policies. I was briefly caught up in the state of Cleggmania, but the more I drilled down onto what the Lib Dems stood for, I personally realised I didn’t agree with them. It’s interesting that they’re such a popular party among students.

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    If I’d know southampton was full of so many rich, arrogant and selfish students then i would have thought twice about coming here. I find it really depressing that so many young people have voted for the tories – a party which caused so much depression, unemployment (twice as much as this recession) and social segregation in the 80s and 90s. I remember 1997 as a time of hope and happiness for so many people across the social classes and am greatly saddened by the media’s influence on judging politicians by their smiles and forgetting the fundamental principles of each political party. As Brown said about Cameron: you can’t airbrush your policies like you airbrushed your posters.

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