Wessex Scene Investigation: Did You Vote Twice?


It has come to light that several students across the country, perhaps confused by the sytem, perhaps naive first time voters, cast a postal vote in their home constituency as well as voting in person University.

This constitutes electoral fraud, a criminal offence that can carry a prison sentence. While some may have cynically abused cracks in the system, others talked of lax staff at polling stations failing to explain the rules, or even inciting them to break them.

Did this happen to you or someone you know? Did you know about the law on voting twice? Did you ask anyone for advice?

If you have any information to share on these issues, let us know anonymously by emailing politics@wessexscene.co.uk.

Remember, by publicising the issue, we may save other students from making the same mistake, and we guarantee to make every effort to protect our sources at all times.


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